How to convert your TV into a Smart TV

Android being a versatile OS has great applications on various devices like smartphones, tablets, televisions etc.
Very recently devices that can convert any ordinary hdmi enabled television into a smart television have emerged. It provides a “steroidal” sought of boost to your television.

So all that you need is a “android mini pc” sometimes also called as “android usb stick”. It has a hdmi connection, either male or female, to connect it to the hdmi port of your television. So just plug it and there you go as easy as that you now have a smart tv at your place.

These devices are priced between 40$(usd) to 150$(usd). Just google it and you will find tons of these devices on ebay and amazon.

Common ones have 4 GB of flash memory, Wi-Fi Direct connectivity. You can also connect using wireless mouse and keyboard. They can operate on 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. Processor is usually a dual core variant with 1GB ram. Newer ones also come with jellybean 4.1 out of the box.

So you can now enjoy watching video streams, surfing the web, playing android games and loads of other stuff without spending a fortune.