HTC announces HTC One M8

HTC One M8

HTC unveiled the HTC One M8 at a press conference Tuesday,showing off a slightly larger screen for its signature aluminum body.

The One M8 has a 5-inch display, making it marginally bigger than the 4.7-inches of its predecessor. Both displays have full HD resolutions.

Prior to this announcement, there were plenty of leaks and rumors, including a report that said Verizon secured an exclusive deal to start selling the HTC One M8 in the US on Wednesday, just a day after Tuesday’s event. Global sales were expected to commence two weeks after, according to the report.

HTC One M8 Dual Cameras

HTC One M8 Dual Cameras

Dual Cameras: The all new HTC One will be the first phone to feature two cameras on its back. We have actually already seen smartphones with dual rear cameras, but their goal was 3D photography, while the cameras on HTC’s new big thing are said to contribute to improving traditional 2D photography rather than 3D.

Sense 6.0

Sense 6.0 Picture Credits: @evleaks

Sense 6.0: The new HTC One is expected to ship with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat on board and a re-imagined Sense user interface on top of that. The new Sense is expected to carry the 6.x version, but it is not a huge change over the current one. The most interesting new feature seems to be the added support for ‘Motion Launch gestures’ like double-tap to wake the phone’s display.


HTC One M8 Specifications

HTC One M8 Specifications

Under the hood, the new HTC One is expected to ship with a quad-core Snapdragon 801 system chip (likely, the MSM8974-AB version of it) with 2GB RAM. This is the same chip that powers devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2, (the Z2 has slightly more RAM – 3GB) so it should be more or less on par with the top performers. We’re yet to see detailed benchmarks, but it is only logical to assume that the handset will run even the most demanding of games with ease.

HTC’s original HTC One got great reviews, Known for its sleek aluminum casing and high-performing camera, the HTC One was seen as a possible competitor to Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

But, the company’s profits and sales continued to fall, and its devices has yet to achieve the popularity held by Samsung’s popular Galaxy line of devices.