Huawei could be the next Nexus manufacturer


It has not been long since Google released Nexus 6 and we have got an interesting rumor about who will be making the next Nexus device. iSuppli researcher Kevin Yang posted Wednesday on Weibo that Huawei will be making the Google’s next Nexus device.

The post has been deleted now.

There had been several reports before this news that Google would go for a Chinese OEM for its next Nexus device. This post by Mr. Yang further confirms the possibility and we also have several reasons to predict that Huawei would actually be the next Nexus manufacturer.

Huawei is letting its American phones run stock Android

Huawei’s consumer boss Richard Yu told The Verge that their phones in America would come with stock Android because people in America trust Google more than Chinese software.

“In the US we have to do some compromise to avoid any concern,” said Yu. “No excuse! If you have a problem you can check with Google. [American customers] trust Google so they can trust Huawei.”

Huawei already makes expensive products, like Nexus 6

Nexus line was once popular for its affordable prices despite of high-end specs. However, Google changed this strategy with its latest Nexus devices which are as expensive as Apple’s or Samsung’s flagships — Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 6 smartphone were priced at $399 and $649 respectively.

Unlike other Chinese companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi that keep their prices affordable, Huawei is offering products at premium prices. Its latest flagship, Ascend Mate 7, costs around $590. Hence, Huawei fits with Google’s latest strategy of providing Nexus devices at premium prices.

Huawei is also a big company able to withstand huge demand and cater to large number of orders. It shipped 75 million smartphones last year.

It is also able to provide premium finish and fit to the products, judging from the company’s smartwatch unveiled at MWC 2015. Huawei also unveiled MediaPad X2 touting it as “world’s thinned 7-inch phablet.”

Huawei’s fingerprint scanner and Android Pay

Nexus 6 was supposed to come with a fingerprint scanner but due to untold reason the scanner was cut off. Motorola has not released a phone with a fingerprint scanner so it might be shortcoming of the OEM.

Unlike many smartphone manufacturers currently found in the market, Huawei offers a fingerprint scanner in its Ascend Mate 7 at the back of it. The scanner is like the one recently developed by Samsung and Apple, in a sense that it doesn’t require user to swipe finger over it. The user can simply tap over the screen and the scanner would read the finger print.

Then Google recently announced its mobile payments platform — Android Pay — at MWC 2015. Having Huawei’s scanner on Nexus device would help Google in its plans for Android Pay.

Connecting all the rumors and facts, there is a fat chance that Huawei will be the next Nexus manufacturer.

Do you think it is a good idea to have Huawei make the next Nexus?