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Illegal activities and dark web? Is deep web illegal? Contract killers and illegal drug selling. Three types of Web – Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark. Web Should we surf the darkweb?- Here we’ll be going to discuss all about it.

Surface, Deep and Dark parts of Web or Internet

World Wide Web or the internet provides us endless possibilities by connecting us to the whole world. But wait, what if i say that the part of the internet you can actually surf easily is only 10% of total data stored on web.

Yes, rest 90% of data is either the part of deep web or the part of dark web.

Surface Web

parts of surface web

As the name suggests, the data stored on surface web is open for every user. You do not need any special permission to view this data or don’t need to give any personal information to access this data.

This data is also indexed on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. My website, i.e. techshala.in is also a part of surface web as it is indexed on search engines and you don’t need to sign up or sign in to read this article.

Deep Web

netflix is deep web

Deep web contains the data which is either very confidential or should not be available for all persons freely. The data you store on your Google Drive is a part of deep web. Obviously, you don’t want any other person to access your google drive contents.

The companies and brand stores their private data on secure servers and unauthorized persons are not allowed to access this data. This is not indexed on regular search engines. Netflix is also a part of deep web as you have to purchase a subscription in order to watch movies and shows.

This article will also become a part of the deep web if I’ll put a subscription requirement to read this article.

Dark Web

dark web

Darkweb have the different story. You can’t even access it with regular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE etc. Unlike our regular URLs, which ends with .com, .net , .in extensions, the dark web URLs ends with .onion extension. Also they are very strange and hard to remember, like the combination of random numbers and alphabets. Dark web is said to be the most mysterious part of the web. It is also a hub of illegal activities like selling drugs, child pornography, contract killers hiring and much more.

Browser Required of Accessing Dark Web

Tor Browser or The Onion Router is the browser which is required to access the URLs having .onion extension. Tor itself provides you next level of anonymity to keep you and your identity safe. The concept of onion is used here. Just like a onion with too many outer layers before reaching the core, Tor browser also provides 7 or more than 7 layers of IP addresses which actually saves your real IP address or simply your identity.

Is Dark Web Illegal?

is dark web illegal?

Single word answer is a big no. Surfing some part of dark web can bring you behind the bars whereas others will cause no any problem. As some part of surface web is also illegal like child pornography etc. but dark web is home to these kind of things. It is not advised to visit dark web unless you are a pro as you’ll end up losing your privacy, identity and there are also possibilities that a visit to dark web URL will take you behind the bars.

Participating, doing or viewing illegal content is illegal for sure, whether it is on surface web or dark web. These can be credit card information, child pornography, selling drugs etc.

Consequences of browsing Dark Web

security in darknet

If not used with proper safety measures, a single keystroke or mouse click can take you to court or prisons. Also, you can be hacked, your webcam can be hijacked and your personal and confidential files or data may be stolen, that all too, with a single URL visit.

However, the TOR browser already have a bunch of security features, but they can’t guarantee to keep you 100% safe. Here are some consequences of visiting dark web.

  • Privacy Harm: DarkWeb is home to black hat hackers, viruses and malware that may harm your private and confidential data and may even disclose it.
  • Webcam Hijacking: Mic and webcam placed on your machine can be hacked or others may see whats happening in front of your camera, that too, without coming in your notice.
  • Abuse Victim: Dark web is not so much regulated by any organisation or police. As a result of it, anyone can abuse you and humiliate you anonymously.
  • Mental Disturbance: Content displayed on dark web can be disturbing to some persons like child pornography etc. Also there are many useless and meaningless pictures and videos which may mentally disturb you.
  • Losing Hard Earned Money: If you eventually goes for shopping on dark web, there are a lot of chances that you may lose your hard earned money until or unless you’re a pro. All transactions on dark web are carried out using cryptocurrency like bitcoins which cannot be traced.

Final Words

final words

Don’t make a negative image of darkweb in your mind. Dark web is also used by military and armed forces of various countries to keep the confidential data safe. Surface web is also not 100% safe. There are also disturbing elements and a lot of viruses and malware. What actually we need is to be safe, whether it is darkweb or surface web. Never transact on untrusted site even on surface web.

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