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All of us have used Internet Explorer once in life. We have Microsoft Windows installed in our Home PCs and School Computers. IE came bundled with Windows. This was Microsoft’s 25 years old legendary browser. Let’s get into the topic without any further delay.

Internet Explorer was first included with Windows 95 as add on package! It was released on 16th of August, 1995. In the old days, we have to install a separate plugin to display the flash content. It was even showing the flash contents​ and supports Graphical Users Interface, that was more than enough.

Entry of Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer was performing well till 2008, when the game changer, the Google Chrome landed into the web browsers family. Google Chrome performed very good at that time. It was speedy and handy as compared to IE, also it was able to display flash content without installing any plugin! That started to be in trend.

IE was not able to match the pace of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, netscape navigator and was left behind in the race. And today, here we are, where it is used only to download Google Chrome and Firefox on fresh re-installation of Windows. That is the main reason for shutting down IE.

Internet Explorer consumes Low Battery

Microsoft also advertised, once, that it consumes very low battery and processing power. Means saves a lot of RAM and CPU that can be used in other tasks. This wasn’t false advertisement. Even the most popular Google Chrome is quite RAM and CPU hungry.

google chrome more ram usage resources overusage

Microsoft kept on working on IE since 1995. The complete technical research and development team of Microsoft never let IE to be out of date in contrast to security features. The employees also needed to be paid with hefty amounts for this and still it was not able to perform well in market of browsers. That’s why Microsoft decided to step back and shut the browser down.

What will replace Internet Explorer?

microsoft edge replaces internet explorer ie
Microsoft Edge Web Browser

There were a lot of websites which only runs on Internet Explorer. This includes a majority of bank websites, Government websites etc. For this, the newer Microsoft Edge will be having a Internet Explorer mode. Websites will be optimized automatically just like in the case of Internet Explorer. Websites and hosts will came to know you are using Internet Explorer! LOL! Also, Microsoft Edge will rely on the Chromium software which was developed by Google for their Chrome browsers.

Official Announcement

According to the official announcement of Microsoft, the web app of Microsoft Teams will stop supporting the latest version of IE i.e. Internet Explorer 11 from November 30, 2020.

Later on and after August 17th, 2021, Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support IE 11.

Link to Microsoft Tech Community Blog Post is here.

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