Microsoft Windows – Genuine vs Pirated. All you need to know.

Is the version of windows you are currently using in your device original? The answer form most of you will be no. So, Let’s check out what you are missing by using a pirated windows or free windows over them, Who pays 6,000-10,000 for the same.

Let me tell you windows is the most used operating system not only in India, but all over the world. At most 90% of the desktops and laptops uses Windows as an operating system, Developed by Microsoft Corporation after working very hard to give us this much extent of services and facilities. There is a team of Microsoft having professionals who design and develop windows, which, obviously gets a high pay for their hard work. The development and designing of Windows never stops. After Windows 7, The team works on 8, After 8, Its 8.1 and 10, meanwhile also works on giving updates to some users using old version of Windows.
You should have got an idea how much amount Microsoft have to spend, for Windows, which you can even install for free. However, the original price of windows varies between 6,000 – 12,000 and even much more for various versions.

Pirated Windows – Are these actually activated?

This is very important for you to know that cracking a windows by a 3MB-4MB cracking software really activates your windows? The one word answer is No. It just makes your windows appear to be activated by editing the source code of windows files and makes you use the features, which are available only for Genuine products. In fact, you and your system is not registered as Genuine product on Microsoft Servers. Always remember that the third party software can edit your local files source codes NOT ON MICROSOFT SERVERS, So Microsoft recognize you and your device is using pirated windows.

What are the differences – Genuine vs Pirated

Well, There are a lot of differences between the original windows and pirated ones. The major differences are Security, Updates, Performance and Price. Also lets study is it legal to use pirated Windows and Why Microsoft don’t prevent piracy. Lets talk about all of these, one by one.

Security – The Most Important

Well, Most you you, who are a very normal home users, may think, Security is not a major aspect for you. But Wait! If you are a home user, you may have some personal data in your device, it can be your Photos, Documents and much more and you definitely don’t want anyone to get this data without your permission or let them erase it. If you are using a pirated windows, I am 100% sure, it is modified by a hacker to be activated or look like activated. Whether, the hacker is a white hat hacker or a black cat hacker, the intentions of the hacker are unknown for you unless you are the hacker.

Operating System is the core of the device. All the program and features you use, runs on operating system, and as a end user, you cannot actually know what programs are running in your device in background, where the data is being sent in the background, Whether anyone is scanning your keystrokes (the things you type, may be your passwords, card details and even OTPs), you are not aware of that. It may be possible, while the hacker was hacking your windows by editing the source code, he had placed its own code with which he can see your all activity. Any of you will not want this to happen.

So… What’s there in Genuine one?

Talking about the Genuine Microsoft windows, The windows is downloaded by Microsoft website or supplied by Microsoft itself and is activated by the Genuine Microsoft Product Key through the Microsoft Server, there is no editing of source code, it is as original as Microsoft gives you. It is very much secure than the pirated one. You can use it freely. Even you don’t need any antivirus software on Genuine Windows as Microsoft’s Defender and Firewall are now a days very much secure and reliable. Also, You have to pay a plenty of amount to Microsoft for this original version of windows, either by purchasing the Product Key or Windows DVD itself, but is is much more safe and reliable.

Updates – Do they Matters?

The one word answer for this question is a big Yes. Updates matters a lot even if you are a very normal user. As the technology is developing up-to a large extent, day by day, The black hat hackers are also trying to break the Security Technology and sometimes gets successful as well which results as loss for a lot of users. So, Microsoft gives Updates for new features, Security purposes and to overcome the drawbacks.

Good example regarding this is recent ‘Wanna-cry’ Ransomware which encrypts or locks the data of the user and asks for a plenty of amount, also called ransom, to unlock your data. If your data is important to you, you have to pay the asked amount to the hacker in order to get your data back. It is possible, that you have escaped from the virus, malware or ransomware if you have a security update of that preinstalled. Your computer comes to know that it is harmful and it should not allowed to operate and opened inside the device.

Some of you might be thinking that you gets updates from Microsoft also in pirated windows. Well, just to protect the windows users, Microsoft gives some of the majorly required updates to pirated versions as well, This is also, Microsoft just don’t want to break your Trust on Windows. But the updates given to pirated versions are very less as compared to original ones. That’s why You should go for Genuine windows.

Performance – Is there any difference?

There can be a major difference. Yes!, If you have a pirated version of windows, it is very much possible that you have got some unnecessary programs or viruses, operating in background, which can degrade your device performance up-to a large extent. It is very easy to get pirated version of windows either by downloading the entire ISO file from the hacker, or by downloading a third party software developed by a hacker. Hacker can add or remove programs like viruses, Malware etc, just by the software. If you have got the crack or windows from a white hat hacker, you are good to go otherwise it may be very bad for you and your device.

Price – A major Aspect! – Genuine vs Pirated Windows

The main factor for which most of us tends to use Pirated Windows is the Price. We can even install pirated Windows in our system for FREE! Yes, Download the ISO file, Create a boot able media, and you are good to install. On the other hand, You have to pay a hefty amount which starts from 5,000 or 6,000 to Microsoft to use their Genuine Windows.

Which one to prefer and Why?

Doesn’t matter what type of user you are, What you use on your device, you should always go for Genuine Windows if you can afford it, and believe me, you will not be disappointed by purchasing the Genuine Windows. Also, Lets suppose you have purchased Windows 10 today, After some time, Windows 12 gets Commercially available, you can always upgrade to the new version for FREE. Else wise, You can also go for Linux, Ubuntu etc. I personally would not recommend to a person who can afford the Genuine Windows, to install pirated one.

Pirated Windows – Legal or Illegal?

Yes, It is completely illegal to use or create any pirated software or movie in India. You can be punished with imprisonment of up to 60 Years and a fine up to 2,00,000 INR. It’s just like, a person purchases a bike, and another person stoles it. Actually, no money is spent by the person who stoles. Just like that you are not paying any money to Microsoft for their product. So, Prevent piracy and better to go for Linux or Ubuntu which are good operating system as well.

Why Microsoft is not preventing piracy?

There is a big reason for the same. Microsoft is a very powerful corporation. If they want, they will not show you even the Start Menu of Windows without money! Yes, It is their product and they can do whatever they want. But they are allowing piracy so that students and low level corporations can use the Windows. That too, from the starting and gets Addicted to it. If a student, Who is using Windows from childhood and gets addicted.,When reaching a very professional corporation, would demand Windows and will try to avoid other OS. The corporation then have to buy the Enterprise version from Microsoft, from which Microsoft earns. So, Microsoft wants you to be Addicted to Windows!

Pirated Windows – Safest Method to Get

If you don’t afford the Genuine Windows, and can’t go for other OS. The last option left to you is go for Pirated One, Which is fulfilled with a lot of risks. The safest method to get one is, to download the ISO file from the Microsoft Official Website. Don’t go for the websites which gives you pre-activated versions. Install it on your device and then go for activator or crack, from a trusted partner, i.e. KMSPico or more better to search for the cracks which comes in text file. In which you have to paste in your notepad to make a CMD file. So that you can read the actual content a little bit what this source code does to your device.

On of the best and trusted website, from which you can download pirated Windows and many more useful software is You can also submit me a query in contact form. I can give you the best possible and safest crack of Windows.

Genuine Windows – Best Way to Get

Simple and best way to get Genuine Windows is to first Download the ISO file from Microsoft official website. Than purchase a product key from Microsoft and activate the windows after entering the product key from the Microsoft Server. You can also go for purchasing the DVD and USB for Genuine Windows, which is not recommended. As that must be old and doesn’t have many updates preinstalled. You have to install a huge number of updates by downloading them after installation. It will consume a huge amount of data. So, better to download the Windows using that Data and than activate it using product key.

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