SSD Special: Samsung vs Crucial vs Others – Which one to prefer?

samsung vs crucial

SSDs are fastest and reliable for storage of data in laptops and PCs. But these are available in a huge variety that can easily make the customers to think which one to go for. Let’s talk about some major SSDs you can go for in 2020 and also the main highlighting topic – Samsung vs Crucial. There are many more leading brands such as Kingston, WD, Seagate, Sandisk etc.

What actually SSDs are?

SSDs are modern, fast and reliable data storage devices, available for laptops and desktops in different form factors like 2.5″, m-SATA, PCIe, M.2 NVMe etc. SSD makes use of flash storage technology to store the data in the form of binary (0 and 1).

samsung vs crucial
Inside the SSD

What placed inside are the storage cells, fabricated and embedded inside an integrated circuit or IC, which do store the memory bits. The performance and speed of the SSD depends on how these memory cells are arranged and how bits are stored in memory cells. There aren’t any moving parts inside a SSD which makes it to respond faster than other drives.

Memory Cells Storage – TLC and QLC

Most of the SSDs available today are based on TLC technology. TLC stands for Triple Level Cell and QLC for Quad Level Cell. These differentiates the number of bits stored on the single memory cell. In TLC, 3 bits are stored on the single memory cell. It can be 000, 010, 111, 001.. and so on.

In QLC, 4 data bits are stored on single memory cell. i.e. 0000, 0010, 0001, 1000, 1011, 1111.. or so on. It makes it slower than TLC and also cheaper as we have to place less number of memory cells.

Samsung EVO vs QVO

Samsung EVO SSD

These two are major SSD products of Samsung. Samsung EVO makes use of TLC Technology and hence stores 3 data bits in Each Memory Cell. On the other hand, Samsung QVO makes use of QLC Technology and stores 4 bits of data per cell.

It can be concluded that EVO drives will be having higher read and write speeds as compared to QVO drives. The life of these EVO drives are longer than QVO drives, which makes the warranty period of QVO drives to be 3 Years as compared to that of EVO Drives, Which is 5 Years!

Samsung EVO vs EVO Plus

samsung vs crucial
A Samsung V-NAND M.2 NVMe SSD

EVO Plus, also a marketing term as well as some performance upgrade. EVO Plus makes use of 96 Layers of V-NAND instead of 64 Layers of V-NAND in Samsung EVO. V-NAND stands for Vertical NAND where NAND is a known Logic Gate or a memory cell, in terms of SSD. When NAND memory cells are arranged in a vertical fashion, it is called Vertical NAND or V-NAND. The layers of NAND Cells plays an important role here. These are differentiated by Samsung using EVO and EVO Plus terms.

Samsung vs Crucial

samsung vs crucial

There is a big fight between Crucial and Samsung in the Indian SSD Market. Curial MX series and Samsung EVO Series, both performs well in the system. Crucial MX gives a warranty of 3 years whereas Samsung EVO gives a warranty of 5 years, which means peace of mind and more reliability. The crucial MX series directly competes with Samsung QVO Series, because EVO drives are a bit costly.

Samsung QVO and Crucial MX both comes with a 3 Years of warranty. If we go for read and write speeds, the Samsung QVO drives leads with around 50MB/s. Also, Samsung is a old brand and gives more peace of mind. Here, Both Samsung QVO and Crucial MX makes use of TLC technology to store data bits. The speed of Samsung QVO drives decreases a bit after storage of ~42GB of data because of cache size. This is lower in Crucial Drives. Also, Samsung Drives are getting a bit higher customer ratings on Amazon India as per 4 May 2020.

These all are the factors which differentiate both Crucial and Samsung SSDs. Both are good unless you are very professional editor or gamer. You can choose good for yourself keeping the samsung vs Crucial factors in mind.

The range of WD SSDs – WD Blue, WD Black, WD Green

Just like the HDDs, WD brings us various types of SSDs. These are WD Black, WD Green, WD Blue and WD Red. However, most of them available widely are WD Green and WD Blue. Costumers may get confirmation about the difference between them or if these are just marketing terms?!

WD Blue SSD Drives are made for professionals and gamers, which have a high read and write speed. Blue drives are capable for better speed of bidirectional data transfer. On the other hand, WD Green SSDs are made for everyday usage, which have relatively lower write speeds as compared to WD Blue.

As a normal user, You will not be able to see any difference between the both unless you do video rendering, heavy file transfers.

Other Major SSD Brands

There are a lot of brands which manufactures SSDs. These are Kingston, ADATA, Seagate, Sandisk etc. Before going for one, do check which technology is used in the SSD, can it handle your workload? Also, the warranty period of SSD describes how trusted and long life the SSD is. Brands like Kingston and Sandisk are engaged in production of storage equipments since a long time and are trusted. Do remember to read All about Flash. SLC, MLC, TLC, NAND for more information regarding this.

Want to Get a SSD or Upgrade?

Here are some best SSDs of all the time

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