COVID-19 – Best to do with Tech During Quarantine Days – 10 Ways to Utilize Time

covid-19 and tech

As a result of spread of COVID-19, Entire country is in their home due to lockdown. In case you are technology enthusiast, it is best time to discover yourself with trying different technology and keeping yourself busy in some works. Let’s Get Started.

1. Backup your Photos and Data

In the free days of quarantine, You can have your photos and important data backed up onto a secure server like Google Photos and Google Drive. That will not only secure your data from getting erased mistakenly or accidentally, but will also help you organize your photos and data in a very good fashion and manner. Google photos is best recommended for backing up your photos. It is not only free and available across all platforms but also categorizes the photos on the basis of Face data, Place, Things etc. and also memorize you with old memories sometimes.

2. Learn a new programming language

There are a lots of languages which not only helps you update your resume, also helps you to discover a new world of possibilities. It helps your career to boost up one step. You are interested or not, you are into tech or not, You should know about atleast one programming language.

3. Unscrew old gadgets

We all have some gadgets in the scrap, go and unscrew them and explore how it works by YouTube or google and whether it can be repaired or not. It will not only help you to fire free time but also will extend your knowledge base into electronics and different components. Try to learn more about its circuit and components.

4. Experiment with the Images and Videos

Use advanced softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro etc. to experiment with your photos and videos. If you are not able to understand, take online classes, read it on google, or contact me in Contact form, I assure you to assist you further on it.

5. Clean up and Update your Devices

Clean up files and apps that are no longer required. Update to newest version available for OS and Apps. It will help you kill the time and also to speed up your devices.

6. Try Blogging or Youtube

If you have a hidden talent, this is the right time to bring it out. Try blogging on various topics or try making youtube videos on that. It will bring joy and excitement to your life, again and will also help you kill the free time.

7. Update Social Media accounts

In this free time, separate some of the time to update the profile photo or other information on your Social media handles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Use LinkedIn and twitter more as LinkedIn helps you to stay connected to various professionals and twitter helps you to catch real time news, without any edits by news channels.

8. Make new Projects and have awesome Ideas

If you are into electricity, development boards, programming, you can give more and more time to your new projects to make them unique and excellent. It is one of the best thing to do in COVID-19 Pandemic.

9. Boost up your typing speed

Every type of person, needs to have a good typing speed at any instance of their life. Try to type more and more and boost your typing speed up! This practice will never be wasted.

10. Learn and find out about tech around you

We all are surrounded by technology from all of the sides, from the remotes to the satellites in the sky. Try to find about and learn about how this tech around you works. Simply read on, or use youtube.

Mandatory – Outside the world of technology

  • Stay fit, Do exercise on daily basis, Have Positive Thoughts
  • Stay Home safely, Catch up with friends or family over video calls
  • Don’t spread fake news and rumors
  • Read novels, catch up some music and movies as well
  • Help your family or mates to get updated to information and give them positive advises to stay safe from COVID-19


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