How tiktok and Chinese Phones are harmful for privacy? – #bantiktok

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The hashtag #bantiktok was trending over twitter in last few days. As we all are aware of the controversy Youtube vs Tiktok, new facts about tiktok are coming out in front of the public, which do state that tiktok and other apps are harmful for privacy. Let’s get to know how tiktok and chinese phones are harmful for privacy. Is tiktok security strong enough?

First things first

We all are aware that tiktok is a China based entertrainment app which lets its user to record 15 Seconds to 1 Min video and let viewers to watch, like, and comment on the videos and follow the creator.

Simply, the content or data which tiktok gathers from the user’s mobile is stored in the server physically placed in China. In the same vein, mostly chinese mobile phones have their custom ROM in them. Just like Xiaomi phones do have MIUI. Let me aware you about the UI that has much more data of the user you can’t even imagine. Servers that are physically present in China holds this all data.

chinese phones are not secure

So, Why it’s harmful – China Government Rules

The data is stored in the company’s server itself, physically placed in China. China Government have a rule that the government of China can access the data stored in any server of any company and the company cannot deny it.

On the other hand, the India-China relations are assumed to be more worse with time. Likewise, Chinese Government can have access to the personal and confidential data of the Indian Citizens and can also use in either purpose, good or bad.

What private data does Tiktok holds

chinese smartphones recording data no privacy

A lots of! Yes, when you record using the camera of your phone, tiktok can record the close up image of your face which can be further used to verify the face data.

Other private data includes the GPS Location, all files stored in the storage like photos, videos, including the contacts list. Tiktok also have permission to access the camera and microphone of your phone. That simply means that it can also record visual and audible elements even while you don’t want it to.

The data tiktok holds, can send it to various domains without your knowledge. That should be a big security and privacy concern for all the users. Specially when you are living in the digital world of 21st century when your phone knows all your secrets! Also the biggest catch is that, you cannot object tiktok for sending your content anywhere as you are not the real owner of the content you created on tiktok, according to its terms and conditions of usage.

Your data is on Risk! – Tiktok Security sucks

tiktok data is on risk

Even if chinese Government is still not accessing your data, it is very easy to get data and post data from the servers of tiktok. Tiktok’s CDN or Content Delivery network, doesn’t even use basic security protocol https. It still stucked on http. As a result of it, two white hat hackers were recently able to breach the tiktok security and posted wrong content about COVID-19. Know more here.

Using Chinese Mobile Phones – More Risk?

tiktok security

It is also a matter of privacy concern. The custom ROM or user interface in chinese phones stores a lots of sensitive and confidential user’s data. It can be call logs, recordings, microphone and camera access, keylogs, contacts list, browsing history and much more. For sure, you wouldn’t want this data to be accessed by any other person.

But if you are using the chinese smartphone or chinese custom ROM, the stored data can be easily accessed by Government of China! Yes, so try not to go for such smartphones.

Made in China is the problem?

made in china tiktok security

Not at all! Made in China simply means the parts or the entire system hardware is manufactured in China. The real problem is the chinese custom ROM or so called UI or User Interface.

Some chinese phones can be enough secure if they have stock android OS. Yes, Google’s stock android is a way much faster, smoother and secure than the custom ROMs. Android mobile brands such as Moto, Nokia, Google Pixel etc have stock android. Know more here.

Final Words

To sum up, we can conclude that chinese apps like tiktok and chinese UI or custom ROM are not secure. We should avoid these as much as possible. As far as we are concerned about Youtube vs Tiktok, definately Youtube is the winner.

Thank you for reading. Hope i cleared all your doubts about tiktok security and chinese smartphones. Stay tuned on for such more great content.

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