Virtual Reality – Taking tech to the next level? 4DX Cinemas.

virtual reality

Virtual Reality is growing very rapidly now a days. This technology takes the world to sense and watch with the help of electric devices, just like it is the reality. Let’s discuss about Virtual Reality without wasting the time.

What actually VR is?

Simply speaking, Virtual reality or VR is a branch to technology which can create a virtual environment with the help of electric devices, that makes a human feel the environment’s sounds, pictures and senses are happening in reality in front of his eyes. VR makes a human immerse into the virtual world. Virtual reality is growing rapidly since last 5 years. There are unlimited possibilities and uses of VR Tech.

How Virtual Reality Works?

Two main components of virtual reality system are Hardware and software. Hardware consists of sensors, High Quality display, Surround Sound speakers and many more optional objects like complete chairs if you want the movement in chairs to make the scene more realistic. The software is designed to have a very good link with hardware. It is to make the latency between the transfer of data is very minimal. It is something around 50ms. Software optimize the Video and sound according to the data received by the sensors.

The sensors are used to track the movements. Like head movement, eyes movement, hands movement, legs movement etc and uses the data to enhance the VR experience. The main sensor is Gyroscope sensor which tracks the movement of your head in 3 axis to know in which direction you are watching. Taking a simple instance is watching a 360 degrees video where you can see in all the directions. It tracks the movement of your head to track in which direction you are going to see. Even some of the very good VR headsets scans your eyes movement to know i which direction you are watching without moving your head.

Types of VR Headsets

To enjoy the experience of Virtual Reality, you need a virtual reality headset to wear on your head. These are available in two types:

  • Headset with Mobile Slot. You can completely insert your mobile phone and use its screen to deliver a picture. These do not have any screen and sensor of their own. These uses your phone’s display to get the video delivered and sensor of your phone to sense the movements of your head. These are cheaper.
  • Standalone VR Headset is one which have a screen inside it, sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer inside it to track the movement of your head. These are expensive than the Normal VR Headsets with mobile slots. These have input options for taking the data via HDMI etc. These type of headsets are True VR experience headsets.

Senses in Virtual Reality

In the technology present till now, VR can deliver four senses to humans. These are:

  • Visual Senses – Display

It can be your mobile phone screen and can be the display inside the VR itself. The screens suitable for it are high resolution screens like 4K displays, along with high frame rate of around 90fps.

  • Audio

Surround sound speakers are used in VR system like headphones which can deliver an excellent audio quality. It is capable enough to make you feel this specific voice is coming from this direction.

  • Touch Senses or Motion

In the case of a Virtual Reality Environment or a VR Room, the ones we can see in malls, have capabilities to give you touches with robotic arms as well, according to the scene.

  • Smell

Scent Generators does their work to generate fake smell. That too, with the help of different aromas of scents. These can mixed up in definite volumes to create a specific smell.

4DX Cinemas – Are these true VR?

These 4DX cinemas are considered to be biggest revolutionary technology in cinematic era. They combines various features of VR. They are capable to give a complete VR Experience to the users.

The screen have multiple videos running in different color modes so that a 3D view can be experienced with goggles provided. Sound system used in 4DX halls can make the sound highly directional and natural.

Along with these basic features, it have moving seats which helps audience to get a pure VR experience. If it rains in the movie, you will also feel some water droplets to make the scene more realistic. If there is a need to spread the smell of anything according to the scene, Scent Generators are used to create the respective smell in entire hall.

Therefore, 4DX Cinemas brings the VR at a new level and makes it easier for normal public to experience the Virtual Reality.

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