OS War: Windows vs Mac OS vs Linux – Which one is made for you

windows vs mac

Ever heard of different Operating systems like Windows, Mac OS and Linux? Ever thought what are the differences between these? Why each of these are important and what are their uses? – Let’s discuss them all, one by one. – Windows vs Mac OS vs Linux.

What is an Operating System

As the name suggests, operating system operates hardware. In other words, operating system is a system software which helps a user to access hardware and let the users to install and use other applications and softwares.

Operating system is a link between hardware and the user. As we know, we need to code in assembly level language to access the hardware directly, which is very hard to. Even multiplying two numbers needs to execute approx 10-15 commands in assembly level language, which a calculator can do within fraction of seconds.

What operating system does is to provide a user friendly interface to access most of the machine so that you can evade the trouble to code in assembler!

It’s a kernel in operating system which works on the backend of an operating system to handle all the hardware components in their own language.

Windows – The Most Popular!

windows vs mac security

Microsoft is the developer of windows OS and took the Windows 1.0 from 1985 to Windows 10 in 2015, with a great success.

Windows operating system is not only the most popular operating system, it also have a huge number of installs throughout the world. It is a paradise for gamers as most of the games are launched for Windows, nor for Linux OS, neither for MacOS.

Windows is very easy to use. The person do not require any special kind of skill to use Windows OS. It is also used in schools for students in lab. In the same vein, customization is very much possible in windows. However, you can’t change its source code, but you can change windows colors, sounds, taskbar, wallpaper etc.

Coming to the security of your private data in windows OS, i am very unfortunate to tell you that it is very less secure as compared to MacOS and Linus OS. Along with a huge number of user base, windows OS attracts a huge number of Viruses and Malwares to be made for it. On the other hand, you gets a positive point when it comes on software and application availability. A lots of softwares and apps are made for windows as compared to any other OS.

MacOS – The Premium One!

windows vs mac

It was started by Apple Inc in 2001. MacOS is only found in Apple devices. It is a proprietary OS.

MacOS – Known for its complete closed environment. There are a lot of restrictions in MacOS. You cannot install third party apps and softwares. You can only download apps and softwares from Apple App Store. Apple itself develops most of the hardware and software.

Coming on the security. Security is very much better in MacOS as compared to Windows OS as it is closed environment. You can only install apps and softwares which are tested and approved by Apple. It is also easy to use.

It is a lightweight OS and hence do not demands high hardware specifications. As it is a proprietary software, you can not really have a lot of customizations. If you’re a gamer, don’t even think for MacOS. However, you can have some small games in MacOS but not the professional ones.

Fairly expensive. You can have it only in Apple Macbooks and iMacs. The range of Macbooks starts with Macbook Air at 65,000 INR.

Linux OS – The Beast

It will not be a good choice to write about Linux like this. It have a lot of flavours like Ubuntu and Kali Linux, ,made for very different purpose and users.

Software and apps availability is very low. However, you can customize it alot as it is a open source OS. If you like to type a command instead of hovering a mouse cursor, Linux OS is made for you.

A very less malwares and viruses made for Linux OS which makes it very secure. However the source code is open to you in Linux, it needs superuser or root permissions to access most of it. Even Kali Linux is a special OS for penetration testing and being used by the ones who develops and plays with security!

kali linux windows vs kali

Not everyone can use Linux OS perfectly as it is not that much easy to use. You can use it for any purpose depending upon the type of user you are. As it have a lots of different flavours. If you want to learn and explore the tech, Linux OS will definitely be a good choice for you.

Another plus point – It is very lightweight OS. If you have a old PC or Laptop which is struggling to run heavy OS like Windows, Linux OS will work with flow there.

For Gamers, Linux OS can have more games than MacOS but not more than Windows!

The Conclusion – Windows vs Mac OS vs Linux

It is now in your minds if you had read this article till here, briefly! Being best of a OS completely depends on the type of user you are and you are going to use that computer for. If you want to play games, MacOS will be a the worst OS for you. On the other hand, if you want a fast, speedy and professional machine, MacOS will be best for you.

All these operating systems are legends in their own fields. You only have to decide your field! All the best for choosing your OS!

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windows vs mac

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