What is end-to-end Encryption? – Zoom Hacked? Government spying Whatsapp? Tiktok Hacked?


Recently, Many news are coming against Zoom video calling app proving the calls and conversations can be hacked . Government also guides its officials not to use Zoom Video Calling app for Conferences. Let’s discuss about End to End Encryption and how it works.

What is End-to-End Encryption

Basically, End to End Encryption is the assurance that the data cannot be read and accessed by anyone else the sender and recipient.

Every data we transfer from one place to another, wirelessly, it gets transmitted by dividing into small data packets which are a way easy to get transmitted on the wireless networks. Our Internet Service Provider, or ISP i.e. Jio, Vodafone or your broadband provider, helps us to get the data packet transmitted through a long way starting from the app or browser till the recipient’s app or browser. If any 3rd party person or authority gets success in capturing the data packets, also called man in middle hacking attack, either from our app or browser or somewhere middle in the network, can read the messages and other data transferred.

What end-to-end encryption does is, it encrypts the data before it gets transferred, into a secure code which cannot be decrypted without a key. Anyone capturing the data packets will not be able to decrypt the messages without a valid key and thus prevents others from reading our personal messages.

Is Whatsapp Immune to Hacks?

Whatsapp do uses end to end encryption, but it is not still 100% immune to hacks. Whatsapp’s Security is enough strong to prevent it from getting hacked by small hackers. But what if your entire device is hacked?

Let’s take an instance, you are chatting with someone and a hacker is able to scan your keystrokes, or what you do type in your keyboard. Obviously, You do type messages with your keyboard, The hacker would be easily able to read your messages, OTPs and Passwords.

Coming back on the security of whatsapp, a private key is used to decrypt the encrypted message. The messages on the whatsapp can only be hacked by someone if he can pretend to be the genuine recipient. It can be done by logging the original recipient’s whatsapp account via the OTP received on registered mobile number.

Zoom do not uses end-to-end Encryption!

Thee popular video conferencing app, Zoom, do not uses end to end encryption in its calls. That simply means anyone can do capture the data packets and read the data and calls.

This is the main reason Government of India recently advised its officials not to use zoom app. It is advised to use secure Govt. Servers and ISP for official and confidential meetings.

Is Government Spying on Whatsapp?

The clear cut answer for this question is a big No! Whatsapp messages and calls are encrypted by end to end Encryption. No officials from Government can track the messages and calls on whatsapp. Even whatsapp itself can’t read the messages and calls unless they get into your device itself. Getting into the device, will not only lead them to read whatsapp messages, but also any type of message or call in the device.

Next time anyone says that whatsapp is being scanned by the Government for fake messages, Just don’t believe them. Government can come to know about fake message when anyone reports the message to them.

TikTok Hacked!

Recently, iOS developers were able to breach the tiktok security just by a simple DNS Attack. This was made possible because tiktok uses http protocol instead of secure https to deliver the videos from Content Delivery Servers. The hackers put false information regarding Coronavirus, which was visible only to some specific accounts. The hackers were just trying to prove the system is hackable and they don’t had any bad intentions. [?]

Learn more about end-to-end Encryption on wikipedia, here.

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