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Technology itself evolves. New technology always replaces previous one because of the convenience, portability and costs. It can be seen from a long ago. Slim LEDs and LCDs replaced older fatty CRT televisions. Mobile phones replaced previous landline telephones. Here is a list of technology that we might be using in present but will exist only as old memories in future. Let’s see what is going to be changed.

Removable Storage – Pendrives, Memory Cards and DVDs

As internet became common now a days, and fast too, Cloud storage is slowly taking the place of removable storage devices. You can transfer any type of data from one place to another, one city to another and even from one country to another, that too, without any physical contact, without giving any storage media like pendrive etc. Yes, it is possible because of cloud storage. Upload files from your computer and let another person to access it securely, with your permissions. Also, your data is more secure and less prone to be lost.

Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive – these are very much secure, fast and trusted cloud storage services, open to be used by anyone, for free.

Ports and Jacks on your Mobile Phones

3.5mm Audio Jacks have already thrown out from flagship smartphones to implement wireless and bluetooth headphones. Also, wireless charging is bringing faster charging speeds day by day. Till date, we can have whooping 30W of wireless charging in smartphones. Therefore, in future, it is very much possible that ports and jacks in smartphones will be limited to old memories.

SIM Cards

Standard SIM to Micro SIM and then nano SIM – It is getting smaller slowly. But in future, they’re going to disappear. Yes, ESIM is already there in most of the flagship smartphones and also available by airtel and Jio in India. These are more secure and can save the valuable space occupied by SIM trays in smartphone. That space can be used by another essential components like battery etc. Know more about esim on techshala itself, by clicking here.


Used across internet and devices for authentication, to improve security. A lot of chances are there that these can be replaced by digital signatures, Facial recognition, Biometrics (Fingerprints), Iris Scanners etc. Also, you can see in most of the newest laptops, they have fingerprints scanner, a good camera for face recognition, with Windows Hello support.


RF or Radio Frequency remotes can be seen getting over older IR remotes. But have you ever thought that their end is near? Yes, as Artificial Intelligence is getting improved, machines are now able to understand our gestures and voice. Even flagship TVs already have gesture recognition and voice recognition. Just say Ok Google, turn the volume up, or tell the TV to turn up the volume by a simple hand gesture, and voila!, volume is turned up!

Plastic Money – Credit and Debit Cards

Swipe cards to chip cards, and now RF cards, plastic money is evolving since its birth. But in future, they will be missed as digital authentication will take over it. You’ll not need any Card to dispense cash from ATM and transact at your favorite store. NFC based payments are even enabled in 1500 INR Jiophone. Various banks are already providing these facilities like SBI Yono Cash etc. Just authenticate yourself by biometrics, Iris, RFID or even your device and you are done with your payment.


The simple watches which only shows time can be extincted in future. Smart bands and smartwatches enables their users not only to see time, but also weather, messages and notifications, fitness data, alarms etc. Even heart rate sensors and blood pressure sensors are also there in them. So who will choose an analog watch or digital watch over that smartwatches and smart bands?

Wall Mounted Televisions

In the early days of TVs, there were CRT Black & White TVs, then Colored TVs took place, LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, and now slim LED TVs. But have you ever thought that display panels will be made so much light weight and slim that they can be even sticked down on wall. There will be no need to mount the TVs with holes in the wall. Simply stick them and enjoy TV anywhere!

Delivery Services

Ever had a dream that you are receiving your groceries by drone? If yes, that is getting true in future. The manual deliveries via a delivery person will soon get replaced by drone deliveries. Also they are amazingly fast. Just place a order and get the items within 30 minutes. Being already implemented in many of the countries, others are not far in getting this type of technology.

Physical Door Lock Keys and Key Locks, Padlocks

Smart locks are gaining popularity day by day. Just imagine saying, Ok Google, Lock the main door or Hey Alexa, Open the main door. Yes, facial data recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint, NFC based authentication are already implemented in padlocks and door locks. These type of devices are now available to own.

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