Never take Mobile UI for Granted – Here is why it’s Important

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Okay! You have a Snapdragon 865 in your mobile with 12GB RAM! What about your Experience with the device? What about the UI? Is it satisfactory? Let’s quickly have a look why UI is important while considering a mobile phone. Let’s explore more about Mobile UI.

What exactly UI is?

UI – An abbreviation used in short for User Interface. As the name suggests, It is responsible for interaction of users to various device applications, features, functions and contents.

It’s basically a skin or a theme which covers the main Operating System with a layer and provides many more features and functions.

Why it is Important?

While choosing a mobile phone, we may take UI for granted. We must take the UI factors as the main factors while choosing the perfect phone. UI is responsible for your interaction to all of the software and hardware inside the phone.

How menus are displayed, how the app opens, the app tray, the recents tray, fonts, home and lock screen, animations etc., all are the parts of User Interface and makes User Experience, or UX, either better or worst.

Pros and Cons of Custom Mobile UI

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There are a tons of mobile phone brands with their own UI. Some of them are very successful whereas some of them may find it very hard for them to survive in the market. It’s all because of their design and development, their pros and cons, how much they can satisfy the user. How the animations are displayed and how many features are there.


Unlimited Customizations

Some of the UI are highly customizable. You can choose the design of home screen, lock screen, the animations and even fonts. That’s why they are very popular. Good example of this type of UI is Xiaomi’s MIUI. You can customize almost everything. Even it have features like Dual Space, Enterprise Mode – which makes it more productive.

More Features

UI having a lot of features are seen to be popular among people. These are the features that are mostly not included in the Operating system itself. Brands make use of it and integrates that features into the UI.


Delay in Software Updates

For this instance, Let’s take an example of android device. When Google releases an Android OS Update, Brands with mobiles of Stock Android UI, have no work to do on the Updates and makes it available for the users after a bit of hardware optimizations but Brands with custom UI have to reoptimize the complete UI in order to make it compatible with latest version of Android Update.

Inappropriate Objects

This includes disturbing notifications, advertisements, animations, wallpapers which may be integrated into the UI by the brand itself. Mostly found in very cheap Mobiles.

What makes a UI Better?

  • Performance, Responsiveness – The most important factor which makes a UI better, is its speed and responsiveness. The fast it performs or fast a user can use it, defines the Mobile UI reponsiveness.
  • Visuality and Visual Effects – The wallpapers, themes and Icons defines visuality of a UI. Vistal Effects includes the animations. The animation effect on opening an app, locking and unlocking the phone etc.
  • Light Design – More users prefers light and simple design of UI which makes it fast and simple to use.
  • Features – The quality matters upon the quantity of Features. Give the users freedom to choose their favorite apps.
  • Navigation Options – The UI should be able to understand the activities of the user and how user uses the device. Some of the mobile UI like Apple iOS, displays the name of the place from where the user belongs to, instead of back button.

Using different UI

If you are somehow not satisfied with your current UI, there are always another options available for you. These can be:

Installing a Launcher

It is very simple, Just navigate to Play Store and type launcher. A list with tons of apps would appear. Feel free to choose your favorite from it. It will change home screen and Icons but cannot change all of the important objects like animations etc. Be aware, The app you install can also have a lot of ads in build which may be very disturbing.

Flashing a Custom ROM

It is very complex. You may end up making your phone scrap unless you are a pro. It can changes the entire OS. There may also be hardware compatibility issues you have choose the wrong ROM. It isn’t recommended to do it yourself unless you have a good knowledge or experience.

Some Popular Mobile UI

  • iOS – Used by Apple in its iPhone devices.
  • Stock Android – Original Android by Google, Widely used in Pixel Devices, Motorola Devices.
  • MIUI – Used by Xiaomi in its Redmi and Mi Series Mobiles.
  • OneUI – Designed and Developed by Samsung, for Samsung!
  • OxygenOS – Simple and fast, Mostly like Android Stock, by Oneplus.
  • ColorOS – Used by Realme for its Devices.
  • FuntouchOS – From Vivo, For Vivo Family Devices.
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As discussed in above points, UI is very important factor in mobile phones. Specifications may be sometimes, lower yet can work but the UI must be good. Also, Not everyone comes in this world with same choice. Everyone have their own likes and dislikes. So, If you are spending amount on a mobile, you should go for one which gives you Juice to use it.

Never take UI for Granted.

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Some of the Samsung Mobiles to be considered:

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