Why China is the leading Electronics Manufacturer? Made in India Truth

china electronics

Got irritated by ‘Made in China’ written everywhere? Let’s find out why these electric components are made in china instead of made in India and some truths about ‘Made in India’ companies.china electronics

China have the Fabricators

The chips or processors we use in our smartphones are fabricated with very small trillions of transistors. These are small as 7nm. The thinnest human hair, which is around 17 μm, can have 2500 transistors in it! There are special kind of machines which are used in manufacturing of the microcontrollers and microprocessors. Any Indian Brand don’t have these machines in India as these are too much expensive.

On the other hand, Countries like China, Taiwan and South Korea invested on these machines as they know the future rely up on these microprocessors. That is why, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers are made in China and Taiwan.

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication is also made possible by China and Taiwan. The industries there would not wait for a design to be released to manufacture it. Instead, they manufactures on their own custom design as they have machines.

If you are looking for clone or copy of a specific brand and can’t find out in India, you may finally get it from China as they have a custom fabrication technique which helps them to design the desired component according to the need, but not the original one, with the quality of original one.china electronics

Supply Chain

China’s supply chain helps it lead in manufacturing the electronics, all over the world. Supply chain is basically a network between the manufacturer and final consumer. It includes exporter, importer, distributor etc. The leading companies which are acting as a good supply chain for China are Xiaomi, Haier, Huawei, Lenovo etc. As these are present in India as well, upto a large extent, helps china to export out its products in India and other countries.


Goods imported and exported outside the region, is factor of technology competition among countries . Due to new technology, advanced resources and good strategies, China is leading in the competition among countries like Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. China have a way more varieties of products. Also custom fabrication is there.china electronics

Cheap Labor and Foreign Investment

The labor costs or basically the wages of labors in China are low as 250 INR per hour. It is there to invite foreign electric brands to set up production there to lower the production costs. This way, the brands also gets benefit along with the country. The exports from the country increases with help of these foreign brands. China also have many SEZ or Special Economy Zones, Shenzhen is one of them, set up by the Government of China, for the same purpose.

Made in India Brands

Most of the brands indicate ‘Assembled in India’ instead of ‘Made in India’. But actually most of the parts like RAMs, Microprocessors etc. are imported from China or Taiwan and then are assembled in India. There are no fabricators in India, which simply means processors and microcontrollers can’t be manufactured in India.

Many smartphone brands may claim to be truly Indian brands but sadly they are hiding from us that we are 25 Years far behind, in the race of manufacturing the brain of the Computers and Mobile Phones, the processors.

ASML, a dutch company owes 85% of shares in manufacturing the machines used by Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung to manufacture the processors. Countries like China and Taiwan are investing on these fabricating machines. These costs worth 700 fighter jets. It is only to gear up their economy. Truly Indian brands cannot buy these costly machines and equipments as they don’t have enough money.

Whenever you see ‘Made in China’ and ‘Made in Taiwan’ on any product. Do remember the lines why it is made there instead of your country.

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